Various Matplotlib resources


Teresa Kubacka


August 4, 2022

Stylesheets, rcParams, cyclers, color palettes

  • Tueplots
    • sets of rcParams as dictionaries adapted to various styling requirements
    • configuration for ML conferences: AISTATS 2022, method-of-machine-learning group in Tübingen, ICML 2022, JMLR 2001, Neurips 2021, Neurips 2022
  • SciencePlots
    • Science, IEEE
    • color and line style cyclers for academic publishing
  • MetBrewer
    • collection of color palettes inspired by the works of art from Met Gallery
    • install via pip install git+ src
    • not all the pallettes from R are ported into Python

Matplotlib extensions

Helper modules

  • colour
    • simple way to manipulate color representations